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Premier Trading & Transportation is the premier crude oil transportation provider. A highly motivated, customer-driven company providing services beyond the expectations of crude oil marketers, producers, refiners, and other transportation providers. Premier was founded in 2009 by industry veterans, brothers Glenn and Randy Collum, who together have over 75 years of experience in the trucking and midstream industry. Today, Premier continues to be privately owned and operated by its founders, and remains headquartered in Cushing, Oklahoma (home to one of the largest crude oil market hubs in the United States). Premier continues to deliver upon its ongoing commitment to provide reliable, consistent, industry standard, crude oil transportation in a safe, DOT compliant, environmentally responsible manner, throughout Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Premier proudly employs qualified, experienced drivers who provide the highest level of service for our clients and the communities we serve. This attitude has been consistent throughout our years of transporting crude oil, whether it be from lease sites to storage terminals, rail stations, pipelines, or directly to the refineries. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve all facets, and when needed, our ability to construct pipelines, storage, and other midstream infrastructure projects through our construction affiliate.

Our company has fully integrated electronic fleet monitoring hardware and software to provide outstanding performance, making real time reporting of tailored information available to our client. This integration allows us to work with our clients to identify those areas where efficient and timely decisions can or need to be made. Some of these features include: real time fleet visibility, customizable electronic run tickets, real-time load tracking/delivery confirmation, and dynamic reporting capabilities tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Premier’s objective is to go above and beyond expectations and ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Our fleet is designed to be flexible and can be easily mobilized to new areas given the dynamic needs of an ever-fluctuating industry. With our continued desire and motivation to be of service, Premier is always looking for new areas in which we can assist. Please contact our office if we can be of assistance.

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